Improve your tax picture with a timely and expert assessment of current state, risk and opportunity

Doing business in Croatia and in the wider region requires a good grasp of tax regulations. In addition to corporation tax, VAT and income tax, accountants and auditors must also pay particular attention to the issue of transfer pricing, especially for associated companies.

Among our tax consulting services, in addition to interpreting tax regulations, we can help you appeal against tax decisions and file tax returns.

Our team of certified auditors, accountants and lawyers can:

  • Give you advice regarding corporation tax, income tax and VAT
  • Carry out a transfer pricing study for you
  • Offer you controller services
  • Give you expert advice on tax planning for business endeavours
  • Advise you on preparing tax strategies and appealing against tax decisions
  • Advise you on taxes on property and special taxes
  • Advise you on personal taxes and calculate capital gains tax
  • Obtain a VAT ID number and OIB (personal identification number) for your company
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