Leave your audit to us. Our team of certified auditors and their assistants has gained a wealth of experience in working with domestic and foreign companies as well as in group consolidation over the past 28 years.

We also offer audit services to state budget beneficiaries, associations and EU funding recipients.

As a member of Nexia International we can also offer you global support.

What type of audit do you need

Whether you need a financial statement audit, an audit report, a special audit for the purpose of increasing share capital or for mergers and acquisitions, or forensic accounting services our team of experts will skilfully and knowledgeably lead you through the process of defining your needs.

Our approach and dedication to quality

We approach each client individually, taking into account the specific needs of their business. We focus on financial reporting, managing risk and transparency. That allows us to ensure a better quality approach than simply reviewing financial statements. Timely identification of deficiencies in risk management processes can prevent unwanted processes related to fraud in a particular company.

We have extensive experience in using various financial reporting frameworks including the Croatian financial reporting standards (CFRS), International financial reporting standards (IFRS) and the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, (US GAAP).

Our audit team

A certified auditor accredited with the Croatian Audit Chamber is at the heart of each of our teams. We do not change teams during the course of the audit so that you can get practical and understandable answers to all your questions. Our teams remain constant in order to ensure better quality of the flow of information between the team and the client and it accelerates understanding of the needs of each individual client. Depending on the needs of the client we assign tax and legal experts to the team, whose knowledge and experience in addition to the auditors’ observations help make suggestions about improvements for the business.

We speak clearly and frankly with clients, with a desire to understand their business challenges and to ensure mutual, critical and constructive dialogue. With this approach we ensure that processes are optimised and necessary measures are implemented quickly.

We have adopted an internationally accepted audit practice which focuses on positions which are connected to the greatest degree of risk. We recognise new business processes before these are understood by the board. We make an effort to ensure clients avoid any kind of business risk.

Contact us in full confidence. Our team of experienced and reliable auditors will go over everything with you with a fine-tooth comb.

We do:

  • Statutory audits of annual accounts and consolidated accounts
  • Voluntary audits of financial records
  • High level reviews of financial statements
  • Special audits (e.g. increasing share capital, company transformations)
  • Forensic accounting
  • Transfer pricing studies
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