Payroll without an in-house accountant

Whether you have one or a hundred employees our payroll experts offer you accurate and flexible payroll services with complete tax support.

We carry out our payroll services with absolute precision, within deadlines and in accordance with income tax and other relevant regulations on income and contributions in Croatia. We maintain complete confidentiality of data and high standards of data protection.

Why outsource payroll to Kopun Group

Save time and money without hiring an in-house payroll administrator. You won’t have to invest in updating or buying payroll software. You won’t have to worry about changes in tax regulations or fines resulting from non-compliance.

Outsourcing accounting and payroll services helps increase internal controls and allows mechanisms for the prevention and early detection of fraud to be put in place.

Let us worry about:

  • Payroll calculations, bonuses and payments in kind, including refunds for these payments and other income, as well as payments for posted workers
  • Completing all required forms and carrying out payroll transactions
  • Sending monthly and annual payroll slips to employees
  • Claims for sick leave refunds
  • Provisions for annual leave, bonuses, jubilee benefits, and retirement benefits
  • Processing travel expenses and establishing travel expense policy procedures and guidelines
  • Giving advice on legal and tax questions related to the Employment Act, health insurance and pension plans, and withholding tax
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