Merge with or acquire a company without surprises

If you are buying or selling a company, our experts can help you close the sale or complete the acquisition by carefully analysing and planning the project. First we come to understand your business strategy, operations and personal motives (both long- and short-term). Once we have understood your wishes we recommend and advise you on the next steps:

– If you are selling a company

A valuation can be useful in detecting the strengths and weaknesses of your company. We can also devise a plan for increasing the value of your business.
We have valued hundreds of share purchases and sales, executed mergers and demergers, resolved disputes over ownership interests and carried out property and share valuations.

– Are you planning on acquiring a company?

Design a business plan in preparation for selling your company.
Value goodwill and intangible assets.
Carry out tax, financial and legal due diligence.
Obtain a share valuation.

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