Accurate bookkeeping and accounting are an important precursor to the success of every company; oftentimes however, the time, resources and expertise needed to manage your accounting sap your energy and displace your focus.

Entrust Kopun i Kopun d.o.o. with your accounting needs and focus on your business strategy.

Our approach to accounting

Tailor-made services, great expertise, digitalisation

To begin with we find out about how your company works and what your particular needs are. Then we create a tailor-made solution for your company based on experience and expert know-how.

You have constant online access to your accounting data in real time. (You can follow outstanding accounts of clients and suppliers, client statements and account transactions). We are always available for any questions you may have. In addition to Croatian, we speak English and German and through our Nexia International membership we can support you in over 115 countries.

Highly educated team of accountants

Clients have rated the expertise and communication skills of our team of bookkeepers, certified accountants and consultants highly. We foster strong business partnerships with our clients and as an integral part of our clients’ companies we solve all accounting, tax and other business challenges as well as assess risk while respecting the law and accounting standards.

Why outsource your accounting needs to Kopun Group

  • Our team of professional and experienced accountants will manage your accounting needs
  • Outsourced accounting ensures that your organisation receives a high quality service within agreed deadlines
  • Outsourced accounting helps increase internal controls and allows mechanisms for the prevention and early detection of fraud to be put in place
  • Outsourced accounting saves time and allows owners to focus on business strategy
  • Possibility of paperless and online accounting
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