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Mergers and acquisitions, Due diligence

Due to the growth of globalisation, we perform restructuring of business subjects or improvements of their operations. Such procedures are mainly preceded by a process of in-depth scanning (due diligence) and / or the estimate of the company's value, assets or business shares.

We therefore render aid to our clients in case of undertaking the procedures of M&A the services of estimate, due diligence, but also the participation in negotiations, and finally the realisation. In the process of due diligence, we can offer not only a complete financial and legal due diligence but extend it also to especial domains as e.g. technology, ecology, etc. These advising services are not rendered to the customers only; we protect the interests of our clients that appear in these procedures as sellers. After performed takeover, we are in possibility to offer you also the services of business reorganisation, the choice of HR, preparation of investment studies, and the implementing of the procedures for cost efficiency in operations.

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