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Audit team is made of authorised auditors with the certificate of the Croatian Audit Chamber and auxiliary auditors who achieved their experience while auditing the companies for domestic and foreign orderers, and through the consolidation of the whole groups, applying the Croatian Financial Reporting Standards / the International Financial Reporting Standards, and applying the USA GAAP-s. Audit services are rendered, besides business subjects, also to budgetary beneficiaries and associations, and we also implement the audit of the European Union Fund services.

For the needs of our clients that have the companies founded in the countries of the former Yugoslavia, we are in position to perform an audit directly or through AGN International Association, in Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Macedonia.
We are also in possibility to offer, through AGN International Association, the consulting services and the preparation of audits in almost all the countries of the world.

Besides the service of a legal audit, we render, at the clients' request, the audits for especial purposes as well as the audits of founding and the audits in case of status changes.

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