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About Us
Kopun Group nowadays

KOPUN Group is presently a team of about twenty professionally educated persons with the knowledge of at least one foreign language, made of authorised auditors and accountants, auxiliary auditors, lawyers and economists, and larger number of external collaborators - experts in especial domains (notaries public, attorneys, psychologists, IT experts, mechanical, civil engineering, electric engineering engineers, ecologists, financial experts etc.).

Thanks to vocational training, continuous education and international experience, most of our clients are the companies owned by foreign companies. A significant number of our clients are domestic entrepreneurs, especially those with whom we have cooperated since their founding.

Services are rendered to the clients at all the segments of business advising and continuous vocational monitoring, through the education of leading business and administrative managing, keeping accounting operations, detecting difficulties in operations, and proposing the measures for the improvement of operations, and the auditing, accounting and financial analyses, investment studies and the help with acquisitions, mergers and divisions of companies.

With our wish for the best possible monitoring of operations, numerous clients which are not legally liable to audit, engage us for the implementation of audit procedures due to the request of business banks, either due to the own (proprietary) interest (audit, review engagement, audit for business purposes), or for the needs of especial types of audits (foundations, increase of equity capital, with status changes / consolidation, divisions, mergers).
We also offer aid of tax advising to companies and natural persons, as well as professional aid during preparing the complaints with tax inspection by the State inspection authorities. Special attention is paid in KOPUN Group to regular education and school education of the employees by means of following the regulations, vocational seminars and internal training.

All our clients receive our 'NOVOSTI' (news) monthly by means of which we inform them on new regulations, point to professional issues with corresponding solutions or inform them about various curiosities and novelties from our profession.
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